History of the KOA Logo

The KOA logo was developed by Karlo Fujiwara in June 1961. Karlo Fujiwara, was a commercial artist in Billings, Montana.

In April 4, 1963, a Service Mark for Kampgrounds of America was filed with the U.S. Patent Office at Washington, D.C. It was approved and registered on December 8, 1964. Ten years later the patent was amended to perfect the protection of the KOA logo. The logo remains unchanged as KOA celebrates over 60 years of leading the outdoor hospitality industry.

What does the KOA logo represent?

The KOA logo is a graphical representation of the letters K-O-A. The straight lines make up the K, the circle represents the O and the triangle represents the A. The KOA logo could also represent a tent-like structure which is inherent to camping.