Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WorkatKOA? com is a job portal for Kampgrounds of America (KOA) which allows job seekers to search and apply for job opportunities at any of the 500 + KOA campground locations across the United States and Canada.
  2. Who can use WorkatKOA? WorkatKOA is for current KOA owners/managers who are looking to hire staff for their campgrounds.
  3. How do I get access to WorkatKOA? As a KOA owner or manager, you should have received login credentials from the KOA corporate office. If you cannot access the website, please reach out to Ericka Garcia Travis ([email protected]) directly for access.
  4. What kind of job postings can I create on WorkatKOA? You can post various job positions within your campground, such as campground management, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, guest services, etc.
  5. How do applicants apply for jobs listed on WorkatKOA? Job candidates can visit the WorkatKOA website, browse available positions, and apply directly through the platform. They will need to create an account, and complete 25% of their profile to submit applications.



  1. Do I have to include my social media links? This is an optional opportunity to share your social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) with potential candidates.
  2. What does it mean to add an Account Member? It means that an employee will be associated with your campground. Based on the permissions you allow the employee, they will be able to post a new job, manage own jobs, save candidates, and create meetings.



  1. Is there a limit to the number of job postings I can create on WorkatKOA? There are no limitations regarding the number of job postings based on your campground needs.



  1. My previous job post(s) did not transfer to the current website. If your job was posted over 90 days, it may have been lost in the data transfer process as it was not “active.” If your job post was posted within 90 days and it is not showing, you can reach out to Ericka Garcia Travis ([email protected]) directly for support.
  2. Can I duplicate a job post I had previously? Yes, you can duplicate a job listing you had, under your “Manage Jobs” tab. However, it is important to ensure the information is up to date prior to making it available for candidates to apply.
  3. Can I edit a current job post? Yes, you can edit a current job post. You will have to click on the pencil button to make changes to your post, under you “Manage Jobs” tab.
  4. How do I delete a job? To delete a job, you will have to click on the red button under your “Manage Jobs” tab.



  1. Can I review applications and resumes through WorkatKOA? Yes, WorkatKOA provides an “All Applicants” tab where owners/managers can review applications, resumes, and export any documents to an excel, pdf file. In this area, you will also be able to filter by job and date posted.
  2. What does it mean to shortlist a candidate? It means that you are considering a candidate for an interview.
  3. Does the candidate know that they have been shortlisted? Yes, they will receive a notification mentioning that your campground has shortlisted them for an interview.



  1. How do I search for a candidate? . You can filter your search to find the candidate you are looking for. Once you have found the candidate, you can save the candidate by clicking on the red button or view their profile by clicking on their name.
  2. Why do some candidates not have any profile information? Because some users have not filled out their profile information since we implemented the new features. Please note that this will take time until we have robust data from all users.



  1. How many candidates can I have saved? As many as you want.



  1. How do I contact support if I encounter issues with WorkatKOA? If you have any technical difficulties or need assistance with WorkatKOA, you can reach out to Ericka Garcia Travis ([email protected]) directly for support.