About Arthur Jabouyna

  • Are you a work camper? (Do you live in your RV while working at the campground) Yes
  • I'm applying for Team JobsIndividual Jobs
  • Have you worked at a KOA before? No
  • Preferred work locations (Multiple selection) ArizonaCaliforniaNevada
  • Looking to Work During (Multiple Selection) SpringSummer
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  • 2010 - 2012
    IDRAC Lyon

    2 year undergraduate

    I have passed a 2 year undergraduate diploma in international trading at the IDRAC business school of Lyon in France.

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Work Experience

  • 2019 - 2023


    Extensive experience as a UPS Driver, delivering packages promptly and accurately according to company standards.
    Proficient in operating delivery vehicles safely and efficiently, adhering to traffic laws and company policies.
    Demonstrated ability to handle various types of packages and parcels with care, ensuring proper handling and secure delivery.
    Skilled in navigating routes effectively using GPS systems and maps, optimizing delivery routes for time and fuel efficiency.
    Strong commitment to customer service, providing friendly and professional interactions with customers while delivering packages.
    Proven track record of meeting delivery deadlines and quotas, managing time effectively to complete routes on schedule.
    Excellent problem-solving skills, capable of resolving delivery issues and adapting to changing circumstances on the job.
    Committed to workplace safety, maintaining a clean driving record and adhering to all safety protocols and procedures.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Olympique Provisions

    Lead Server

    Skilled Server Lead at Olympique Provisions Restaurant, responsible for coordinating front-of-house operations and ensuring exceptional guest experiences.
    Proficient in training and supervising serving staff, maintaining high standards of service, and fostering a positive work environment.
    Experienced in managing reservations, seating arrangements, and customer inquiries, optimizing table turnover and guest satisfaction.
    Knowledgeable in menu items, specials, and beverage offerings, providing recommendations and accommodating dietary preferences.
    Effective communicator, liaising between kitchen and serving staff to ensure timely and accurate food delivery.
    Experienced in handling guest feedback and resolving any issues or concerns with professionalism and tact.
    Dedicated to upholding restaurant policies and procedures, including hygiene and safety standards, to ensure compliance and customer well-being.
    Committed to contributing to the success and reputation of Olympique Provisions Restaurant through exemplary service and leadership.

  • 2018 - 2018
    Twin City Painting

    Paint Crew Team Lead

    Seasoned Painter Team Lead with a track record of successfully leading painting projects from start to finish.
    Proficient in overseeing and coordinating team members, delegating tasks effectively, and ensuring high-quality workmanship.
    Skilled in preparing surfaces, mixing paints, and applying coatings using various techniques and equipment.
    Experienced in interpreting blueprints and specifications, adhering to project requirements, and meeting deadlines.
    Knowledgeable in safety protocols and regulations, maintaining a safe work environment for team members and clients.
    Strong communication skills, able to communicate project expectations clearly and effectively liaise with clients and stakeholders.
    Proven ability to troubleshoot issues, resolve conflicts, and provide guidance and mentorship to team members.
    Committed to delivering exceptional results, with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to achieving customer satisfaction.

  • 2017 - 2018
    D Grimm

    Restoration Tree Worker

    Proficient in conducting tree removal and clean-up operations in the aftermath of hurricane in Puerto Rico.
    Experienced in safely operating chainsaws, wood chippers, and other equipment to clear fallen trees and debris from roads, buildings, and utility lines.
    Skilled in assessing tree damage and determining the most effective methods for removal and disposal.
    Knowledgeable in safety protocols and procedures, prioritizing the safety of team members and the public during clean-up efforts.
    Capable of working in challenging and unpredictable conditions, including extreme weather and hazardous terrain.
    Effective communicator, able to collaborate with team members and coordinate efforts to maximize efficiency and productivity.
    Proven ability to work quickly and efficiently to restore affected areas to a safe and functional state.
    Committed to providing essential support to communities in need during times of crisis, contributing to the overall recovery and rebuilding process.

  • 2014 - 2014
    Sydney Tower Restaurant

    Lead Server

    Seasoned Lead Server at Sydney Tower Restaurant, overseeing front-of-house operations and ensuring exceptional dining experiences.
    Proficient in training and supervising serving staff, maintaining high standards of service, and fostering a positive team environment.
    Skilled in managing reservations, seating arrangements, and guest inquiries to optimize table turnover and guest satisfaction.
    Knowledgeable about menu offerings, specials, and wine pairings, providing recommendations and accommodating guest preferences.
    Effective communicator, liaising between kitchen and serving staff to ensure accurate and timely food and beverage delivery.
    Experienced in handling guest feedback and resolving issues with professionalism and efficiency to uphold the restaurant’s reputation.
    Committed to upholding hygiene and safety standards, ensuring compliance with restaurant policies and procedures.
    Dedicated to delivering memorable dining experiences and contributing to the success of Sydney Tower Restaurant.

  • 2013 - 2013
    Accor Group - Sofitel

    Guest Services Lead

    Experienced Guest Services Lead at Sofitel Melbourne, responsible for overseeing all aspects of guest interactions and ensuring exceptional service delivery.
    Proficient in managing a team of guest services staff, providing training, guidance, and support to uphold high service standards.
    Skilled in managing guest inquiries, requests, and concerns, ensuring prompt and effective resolution to enhance guest satisfaction.
    Knowledgeable about hotel facilities, services, and local attractions, providing personalized recommendations and assistance to guests.
    Effective communicator, coordinating with other hotel departments to ensure seamless guest experiences and efficient operations.
    Experienced in managing guest feedback and reviews, implementing improvements and initiatives to enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.
    Dedicated to maintaining the luxurious reputation of Sofitel Melbourne through impeccable service and attention to detail.

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Driver\'s License
Microsoft Office Suite
CRM Utilization
Customer Service
Interpersonal Communications
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