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    Travel Certificate Reminders

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The travel season is upon us and many of you are hitting the road soon to get to your next KOA Work Kamping assignment. If you’ve successfully completed at least one season at a KOA campground and have a current membership, you qualify for travel certificates to help you get to your next job!

We’re excited to give our Work Kampers with “Campfires” on their resumes this additional benefit. Once you’ve been hired, your new employer will make a request to the home office to issue travel certificates to you. The Work Kamper Support Team will contact you to confirm your departure date and location, so be on the lookout for an email from welovekamping@koa.net (check your spam folder if necessary). You can expect your travel certificates to be emailed to you about a week before your given departure date. The certificates will come in the form of a code you will need to give the front desk staff. The number of certificates issued is based on mileage traveled, up to three certificates.

There are a few important details to point out when using these certificates:

  • Keep your email address up to date.  We issue travel certificates via email, so in order to receive them we need your current email address on file.
  • Make a reservation. Be sure to call ahead to reserve your site instead of reserving one online. KOA.com will not accept your travel certificates. Travel certificates are valid for one RV site that is available at the time of your stay. Having these certificates does not guarantee the campground will have a site available for you. We ask that you honor the 48-hour cancellation policy if you need to cancel your reservation.
  • Use one per campground. The travel certificates are valid for one night at each campground, up to $50. You can stay as many nights as you would like but you will be responsible for the registration fee for each subsequent night. You are responsible for taxes incurred and any charges beyond $50.
  • Not every campground accepts travel certificates. KOA campgrounds are not required to honor Work Kamper travel certificates. This is another great reason to call ahead to verify that the campground will honor a travel certificate and to make a reservation for the site you need.
  • Show your Yellow Pride. Please remember you are representing the KOA Work Kamper program as you travel and use travel certificates. Let the campgrounds know how much you appreciate them, as a simple thank you can go a long way.
  • Expiration. Certificates expire 45 days from the date issued.

If you have questions regarding travel certificates or are wondering if you qualify, please call the Work Kamper Support Team at 1-800-562-0899 or email welovekamping@koa.net.