Tips from a KOA Campground

Campgrounds share tips for getting hired

  • Use your full name as your username. Example: John and Jane Doe instead of “The Doe Team”.
  • Keep each team member separate. Have an individual work history for each person.
  • Give a list of three references with current contact info for the campgrounds to call.
  • Spell check!
  • Keep it simple. Don’t let your resume or cover letter be too wordy. Let them know which positions you want to work.
  • Update your resume often.
  • Post a picture of your rig.
  • Request a work agreement. Have a written/electronic copy of compensation agreement with specific work dates and duties. Note: this is not a contract.
  • Keep in touch with the campground owner or manager! It can be a while between your hire date and your start date, so it's good to keep in touch.