KOA Work Kampers and KOA Managers/Owners share their insight on the Work Kamper lifestyle.

Jerry and Cheryl Nelson

KOA Work Kampers since 2012

"Workamping is more than a way to support a lifestyle. It is all about the adventure of seeing the country and meeting other great workampers, managers and owners. Hands down it is our favorite way to travel and live full time in our coach. Additionally, we have forged wonderful friendships that have continued long after moving on to a new position or location. We have stayed in touch with our many camping friends and even, accidentally and/or planned, have crossed paths on the road. KOA believes in the values of both a great guest experience as well as supporting their Work Kampers. Together we are all 'Making it Great'." Chris Amick

Chris and Cathi Amick

Work Kampers since 2016

"I am sure that wherever we go will be added memories to the adventure we share together now. For 6 years I have worked away from home, becoming more distant from my wife for a paycheck. Thank you KOA, for helping me get to know my wife again and helping me remember all the reasons that I love her. Most of all, thank God for steering us in the right direction. This is the life for us!!! GO KOA!!!"

Bill and Barbara Olendorf

Owners of the Point South, SC KOA, have recieved rave reviews for their Work Kampers.

Work Kamper Team Jenn and Craig Beachler had not one but TWO wonderful Rate Your Stay comments.

"...our stay was made even more wonderful with the new friends we came upon and the wonderful help they provided with setting up the RV and getting it ready when we departed the campground. Those two wonderful people, helpers, new friends and hard workers are Jennifer and Craig Beachler. They also provided us with directions and suggestions for many places to visit. You have two people who are assets to your campground and KOA."

A second RYS comment sang a similar song:

"We all as a family enjoyed our stay. We have to give a special THANKS to Jenn and Craig, park attendants. They were always working hard and when it came time for them to relax, they showed us great hospitality. People like Jenn and Craig are the reason we will be back. Thank you guys!"

Thank you Jenn and Craig for leading by example and donning those yellow shirts with pride.

Bill and Barbara shared this additional comment regarding their other KOA Work Kamper Team: "Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Lacy were amazingly hospitable!! The cabin was really clean, there weren't any bugs or anything weird. It was our first time camping so we were expecting the worst but received the best. May make it a yearly trip!"

Thank you Lacy and Kathy Shawver for your hospitality and treating KOA Campers like family!

"Our Work Kampers this season go above and beyond the call of duty..." write the Olendorfs.

If you would like to share your stories or a word of encouragement to those who have yet to join the Work Kamper family, please email Andrea Jones at ajones@koa.net or call the Work Kamper Support Team at 1.800.562.0899.

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