KOA Work Kamper FAQs

What is a KOA Work Kamper?

A KOA Work Kamper is a seasonal employee hired at a KOA campground for a negotiated time period. Many Work Kampers are retired couples looking to supplement their income while traveling throughout North America in their RV. We also have single Work Kampers as well as families that are home schooling their children.  Work Kampers come in all varieties!

How long will one commitment last?

A Work Kamper team will generally be hired for a season. Seasons will typically range from three to six months, but can last up to a year. This is dependent on the location of the KOA campground and the specific position one is hired for.

Is housing provided?

The majority of KOA Campgrounds will require you to provide your own housing. This can be an RV or off-site stationary house, if you live in the area.  If you don't have an RV but would like to be a Work Kamper, you can call the specific campground you're interested in to find out if they provide housing.  Go to KOA.com to find the campground's contact information.

How much will I get paid?

Much of the KOA Campground system is independently owned and operated. Each campground is responsible for creating their own compensation packages and perks for employees. One will find a variety of offerings throughout the KOA System.

What kinds of jobs are available?

As with compensation, a variety of jobs are available at any given campground. Each campground will dictate how many employees they need and what positions they will hire for. The variety will range anywhere from manager to front desk to outside maintenance.  Click here to see a preview of available jobs.  Click here to see samples of typical job descriptions.

Do they hire single Work Kampers?

Yes. Some campgrounds do prefer to hire couples, but many do still hire single Work Kampers. Be sure to indicate on your resume that you are a single Work Kamper. They will generally welcome your pets as well.

Will I get benefits?

While the Work Kamper program cannot provide benefits such as health insurance, we do offer other incentives such as referral bonuses and travel certificates.  The KOA Work Kamper program is the only work camping program that provides incentives to their members! Click here to learn more about program benefits.

WILL I Be an Employee of kampgrounds of america, inc.?

The majority of KOA campgrounds are independently owned and operated; therefore, they are solely responsible for their employees.  You will be considered an employee of that franchised campground, not KOA, unless that campground is owned by KOA.

Where are the campgrounds located?

There are over 500 KOA campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada.  Go to KOA.com to search for campgrounds.

I want to sign up.  Where do I go?

Click here to purchase your membership.

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