• Unlimited access to the resume posting website, where KOA campgrounds can view your resume, experience, and skills
  • Unlimited access to all KOA campground job postings on
  • Free subscription to "On the Road" e-newsletter
  • Exclusive access to online trainings, which allows you to become certified in various KOA training paths*

*Please note: All certifications have an expiration date of two years. Trainings are updated regularly, and we require the certifications to be up to date as well.


Early next year, the KOA Work Kamper program will only be A FREE job search site with access to hundreds of KOA jobs across North America. 

The new and free revamped website will function as an open-to-the-public KOA campground job search website, showing available KOA jobs, specific KOA resources, videos and information. The website will have a modern look and feel that will be easy to navigate. You will continue to have the ability to search for jobs by state, job type and job length. You will be able to click on an individual job posting to learn more about the job details, how and where to apply, and communicate directly with the hiring campground. 

The new website will no longer host Work Kamper account numbers, resumes/cover letters, campfires, and KOA-U online training. Below you will find a description of the upcoming changes:

  • Work Kamper Account Number – Since the website will be free and available to the public, Work Kamper account numbers will be removed. If you are the primary “holder” of the current account, you will be able to log in to the new website with your current email and password.
  • Resume/Cover Letter - You will be able to submit your personal resume and cover letter or download a fillable pdf “Resume Template” from the new website. This fillable document will include personal information, work experience, skills, reference list, and additional information. 
  • Campfires – Your current campfires serve as a reference of your previous campground experience. These will not transfer to the new website. You will be responsible for submitting a reference list or download a fillable pdf “Reference List Form” from the website. Campgrounds will continue to be responsible for requesting and checking references and will not have the ability to issue campfires.
  • KOA-U Online Training – A limited number of KOA training videos will be provided on the revamped website. However, specific job-related training will be done at each campground.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming changes.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes to provide you with a free and easily accessible website.