KOA Work Kamper Benefits

Subscription Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the resume posting website where KOA campgrounds can view your resume, experience, and skills
  • Unlimited access to all KOA job postings on WorkatKOA.com
  • Training and other educational opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge
  • Free subscription to "On the Road" e-newsletter for KOA Work Kampers
  • Eligible for nomination for the “KOA Work Kamper of the Year” award (sponsored by KOA Owners Association)
  • Potential to become eligible for additional benefits once you complete your first job
  • Continued enhancements to the WorkatKOA.com website

Additional Benefits

Take advantage of the only Work Kamper program in the world that provides travel vouchers to get from one job to the next! Once you have worked at least one season, in addition to the above listed benefits, you are eligible for the following:
KOA Campfire Window Cling

  • Work Kamper Travel Certificates – Number of travel certificates, each worth up to $50.00, are determined by the mileage from your starting location to your KOA Work Kamping destination.  A maximum of three certificates may be issued. Each voucher is good for one site rental fee for a single night only, per campground, during travel to your KOA Work Kamping assignment. (Work Kamper is responsible for site fees over $50.00, taxes incurred, and any additional nights and/or site rentals)
  • Cash and other great rewards for recruiting friends to join the KOA Work Kamper program
  • KOA Work Kamper gift upon finishing your first job – A campfire window cling for your RV

What does it take to earn additional benefits?

  • A current subscription to the KOA Work Kamper program
  • Satisfactorily complete one season at a KOA campground and receive a “Campfire” on your resume from the KOA owner or manager
  • Embrace the KOA Work Kamper Code of Professional Conduct
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