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K2 Alpha Test At Nashville KOA Going Well

The new and improved KampSight (K2) campground operating system was taken into the field again last month. The Nashville, TN KOA was again selected for the Alpha test, and KOA Assistant Vice President for Information Services John Adams reports that so far, things are going well.

“We’ve been working very closely with the staff at the Nashville KOA on both the new K2 software and the new PIN pads, which are also operational at that campground,” Adams said. “K2 is functioning very well, and we are continuing to make improvements every day.”

Adams said if all continues to go well, K2 will be rolled out at another KOA Company Owned Property in the next few weeks.

About Those PIN Pads

Adams said his staff is also working closely with several KOA Company Owned Property campgrounds (COPs) to ensure the new PIN pad units are working well.

“We currently have four locations actively using the new PIN pads,” he said. “KOA owners who have already ordered their new PIN pads should start receiving their programmed units in the next few weeks. If you haven’t yet ordered new PIN pads, I’d suggest that you get your orders in soon.”

Adams said the conversion process to add back-end credit card processing to the current KampSight system is underway, and owners may see a new terminal ID on their statements.

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