Job Acceptance Best Practices

Before you start looking for a new position, here are a few reminders for your next KOA assignment:

  • Commit to only one job position per season. We understand you want the best possible job to meet your needs, but job “stacking” is unprofessional and inconsiderate to campground owners and managers. It puts campgrounds in a bind because they won't have enough staff, and it takes job opportunities away from other Work Kampers.
  • Respond to all job offers in a timely and professional manner, as a courtesy to our campground owners/managers. 
  • Please give at least a minimum of a two-week notice to the hiring campground if you have to back out of an accepted job position. Please keep in mind that they will have to find a replacement for you, so give them as much notice as possible.
  • Set your resume to "private" once you have accepted a position. This makes your resume unsearchable by our campground owners. Or, you can adjust your availability dates accordingly. (Don’t forget to set it back to “public” when you are ready to search for your next position!)
  • Honor your commitment by arriving to the campground as scheduled, and working through your agreed-upon end date.
    Important Tip: Keeping in touch with your hiring campground ahead of time encourages open communication and keeps both parties up to date with one another.