I'm a member! What do I do now?

Welcome to the workatkoa.com!  As a member, you now have access to KOA’s interactive campground employment website.  

Here you are able to:

  • Create and post your cover letter and resume
  • Search and apply for available jobs at participating KOAs
  • Learn tips and tricks
  • Keep up with the latest KOA news
  • Become certified in various KOA training paths

To login, please use your membership number and the password you created when you registered.  

Please take some time to orient yourself to the website.  There are many great articles and tips that will help you with your job search.  Make sure to review  “Code of Conduct” section in particular.


The next step is to create your resume. Check out the "How To Prepare a Great Resume" site for tips. 

Ready to build your resume? You can do this by going to “Your Resume” at the top of the home screen or in the lower black bar.  

  • Click on “Resume building process” to enter your resume information
  • Write your cover letter
  • Add or delete team members
  • Upload a picture of your RV.  

Remember- If you have more than one team member, you need to add each team member and click both EDIT SKILLS and EDIT WORK EXPERIENCE separately on each member section.  

To add your cover letter, click the blue EDIT YOUR COVER LETTER button.

Make sure to fill out all the information, and to make your resume is “public”, so it can be visible for campgrounds looking to hire.  If you skip any of these steps, your resume will not be complete and you will not be able to apply for jobs.  Read this article for more tips on creating your resume.


Once your resume and cover letter are complete, you can search for jobs by going to “Job Search” at the top of the home screen or in the lower black bar.  You can search for jobs by location, duties, job length, or you can look through all available jobs.  Once you have found a job you would like to apply for, contact the campground by writing a note in the box and hitting the “Send your resume” button.  Read this article for more tips on landing a KOA job.

Please remember that KOA campgrounds are independently owned and operated, and we cannot get involved with employer/employee disputes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the KOA Support Team at 800.562.0899 or welovekamping@koa.net.  

Thank you for joining workatkoa.com!