Phase two of rolls out

KOA is proud to announce the roll-out of phase two of The updated website has the same basic functionality as the previous version, but with better visuals, a more intuitive navigation, and a few additional features. The campgrounds and Work Kampers who tested the site for us were very happy with the site as a whole.

The update will happen on Wednesday, March 20th.  The website will be down most of the day, so you will not be able to use it until Thursday the 21st.  When you are able to login again, you will be prompted to reset your password.


Once a campground or a Work Kamper has logged into and clicked on either "Your Resume" or "Job Search", they will see a website that is sleeker and more visually appealing than the previous version. It features a look that is on brand and makes the job search process easier.

Work Kamper Landing Page

New Features

Travel certificates - The new website makes requesting travel certificates much easier. Now, instead of clicking on the hire button, emailing, or calling the Home Office, campgrounds will have the ability to request the certificates themselves. If you need travel certificates for your upcoming trip, please request them from your hiring campground.

Job Search Preview – There is now a job search preview function for people to look through before they decide to become a member of the program. The job search will allow a non-member to click on a region, which will show the job titles and the state they are located in, but will not allow the viewer to apply for the job. This feature is in response to the potential Work Kampers who have not become members because they want to know more about the job market first.

Phase three of the updates will include a certification program for Work Kampers. You will be able to purchase a premium membership and complete training online in order to become certified in various Work Kamping jobs. More information about the certifications will come closer to the roll-out of phase three, which will happen later in 2019.

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