KOA Partnering With Disney® to Promote Disney Channel’s ‘DuckTales’ on Campgrounds

What do KOA and Disney® have in common aside from a love of inspiring adventure with children and families? DuckTales!

This summer, KOA and Disney are teaming up to promote the resurgence of the beloved children’s television show, DuckTales, on the Disney Channel. The show, which was a 1980s classic, has been revitalized and Huey, Dewey, and Louie along with Uncle Scrooge and several new characters are just as adventurous and even more outdoorsy than before.

To appeal to a broader audience and add engagement outside of the show, Disney was looking for a partner that spoke to families with kids throughout the summer. In working with KOA, Disney created a DuckTales activity sheet for campgrounds to hand out with site maps, use for activities on the campground or simply have in a KOA game room area for the kids. The co-branded activity sheet has a board game, crossword puzzle and combines camping, the adventures of the DuckTales crew and KOA.

Further, KOA campgrounds will be featured in an email to Disney subscribers, along with some geo-targeted Disney ads. Disney has also agreed to send pre-printed activity sheets to 200 KOA campgrounds with the largest number of kid check-ins. The activity sheets should be arriving at those campgrounds near the Memorial Day holiday.  Again, these are great to add to a sitemap for kids or to hand out after an activity.

KOA will also showcase the partnership on the KOA blog and in social posts throughout the DuckTales season.

Join the fun and entertain our young guests with help from Disney’s DuckTales!

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