• KOA Work Kamper Serving

    KOA Work Kamper Code of Conduct

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Regardless of titles or experience, all KOA Work Kampers:

  • Recognize that we represent KOA to people inside as well as outside the campgrounds.
  • Respect the right of all persons to make the most of their experiences at the campgrounds.
  • Present a positive attitude to everyone associated with the campground at all times.
  • Perform duties to the best of my ability and provide support to others when needed.
  • Communicate honestly with others and seek to learn about their lives and aspirations.
  • Develop a set of common goals with others that seek to have everyone be successful.
  • Exhibit loyalty to KOA and its employees and expect the same support in return.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to KOA to help the company thrive so that we may thrive.
  • Spirit of Fun! Remember we have the best job in the world and it is our good fortune to be with KOA!