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    How to Prepare a Great Resume

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Get noticed!

Start your resume with a concise mission statement about yourself and position you are seeking.

Example: “We are a customer service centered couple who love the RV lifestyle, looking for a rewarding front desk registration position at your campground!”

Relate to the campground!

Customize your resume so your experience is directly relevant to the campground’s job duties. Use words to accentuate your skills and skills needed at the campgrounds, such as; activities, front desk, reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.

Example: “Contributed to the activities and front desk team at the Blue Sky KOA.”


Spell check, spell check, spell check! Have someone else proofread before publishing. A quality, well constructed resume shows the campground you are responsible, detailed oriented, and willing to put time into projects.

Add references!

Make it easy for campgrounds to select you from their many applicants by listing references with updated contact information.

Example: “Please call my references listed below to further learn how we may be a great fit for your campground.”

Tell the truth!

Be honest in your resume and cover letter. If you prefer to be indoors, don’t promote yourself as someone who loves the outdoors. Falsifying your resume will almost always lead to a short and unhappy work experience.

Other helpful tips:

  • Use “wow” words to describe yourself: demonstrated, attributed, provided, accomplished, achieved, etc…
  • Use a positive tone! Readjust your words to a positive tone to display an upbeat, confident team player.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t rattle on; be specific and concise.
  • Thank the campground for taking the time to look at your resume.